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3 Steps to a Website That Works

Many small business owners have a website that they never use. Very few people visit the site, so they assume that it just doesn't work. Most small business websites just sit there, never helping the business.

I'm here to help you make sense of marketing. Here's a simple tip: your website is your most valuable tool, even if it doesn't work right now. 

Thankfully, redesigning a website is easy. Most of my time is spent redesigning website for people who can't afford the big ad agencies. It takes an eye for design- but its not rocket science. 

But here's the problem. Many businesses hire a web designer to build a new website. It may look amazing, but it winds up doing nothing, like every other website. How do you avoid that?

A website is a marketing tool. Ideally, your website will generate revenue for your business. So here are three easy steps to a website that actually works.

1. Design

Website designers need training for a reason. The most complicated websites require coding. These website designer

s are trained to code a custom website from scratch. This is difficult and time consuming. Therefore, it is also expensive. However, most people don't need a custom website. Most websites can be done with a website builder, like Wordpress or Wix.

Design is important in today's world. Any website that looks unattractive or out of date will receive lower engagement. Design is an easy way to show people that you care about their experience.

I tell people this all the time- marketing is simply interpersonal communication. You are communicating with your audience through an email or a website, the same as if you were talking in person. The same rules still apply. This is encouraging for people who are used to the "old way" of doing things, before emails and websites took over the business world.

Websites are just another way to communicate. So do it well, and leave a good impression with good design.

2. Message

A lot of businesses hire a website designer to redesign their website. That makes sense, right? Unfortunately, that may not work. Website designers are trained to build a beautiful website, but not to sell products. You need to do both. 

You have to write something on your website. What are you going to write? The most important part of your website is "above the fold." That's a newspaper term that refers to the top half of the front page of the paper, above the fold. On your website, it's what you see without scrolling down.

So what's your message? What are you going to say above the fold? This is one of the most overlooked parts of a good website. Your website may look great, but without compelling

marketing content, it still won't work.

3. Purpose

Why do you have a website at all? Is it to sell products, or to engage your audience? If you don't know why you have a website, your customer's won't either. As soon as they click your website, they should know what to do. A big red button that says, "buy now" is a pretty clear message. If you can answer this question, you're one step closer to a website that actually works.

So if you want a website that works, start with the third step. Then work backwards. First, define a purpose. Then, create your marketing message. Finally, you can design your website. But the first two have to happen for the website to work.

I love designing websites, and I can help you do all three steps. If you want to talk about a new website for your business, reach out to me. I'd love to see how I can help.

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