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How to build a website if you want to do it yourself.

So you need a new website. A lot of people do. But you can't afford the big marketing agency or website designer to build a new site for you. I understand! An average website can cost $2,000 or more just for a simple, informational site. Let's be honest, that's too much money for most small businesses.

The good news is, you can do it yourself! It may take some time, so be patient, but it's not as hard as you might think. First, find some examples of other websites that you like. Choose one or two in your industry, and maybe one or two others that you like, no matter what they do.

Next, you need to choose your platform. Here are my recommendations:

1. Wix

All things considered, Wix is probably your best option. You can pretty much do anything you want, design-wise. You can't do a lot of the fancy animations that you see on websites designed with code, but those sites can be super expensive. I design most of my sites in Wix, to save my clients time and money. Sometimes you will need something more complicated, and that's okay. Look for software that does what you need, and you can embed HTML code in your site, or just put a link on your site.

The downside is, if you don't really have an eye for design, it's easy to design something that doesn't look good. If that's you, your best bet is to choose a template and stick to it. I start from scratch, because I'm used to the Wix editor, and I can do more that way. If you need help, call me.


2. Squarespace

Your next option is Squarespace. It's a great tool, and I've designed a few sites on it, too. You can't do quite as much on Squarespace as you can on Wix, but it's harder to mess up. It will also likely be less time consuming. Once you choose a template, there is not a whole lot you can do to drastically change the design of the website. Thankfully, most of their templates look pretty good.

So if you're short on time, and don't have a great eye for design, Squarespace is the tool for you. Keep in mind, you can't do as much as Wix. You can still have a blog, photo gallery, and an online store. You can't sell tickets to an event, or have people sign up for classes or book appointments like you can on Wix. If you have any questions about which platform is best for you, email me! I'll answer your questions.


3. Function- Specific Platforms

Wix and Squarespace are good for almost everything. But sometimes you need something more specific. Realtors, for example, need their website to show their MLS listings on their website. Wix and Squarespace can't do that. There are platforms built to do one thing, like Placeter for real estate agents. So look into it- there may be a website builder out there for your specific industry. Again, feel free to ask me which is best for your business!

Good luck! And if you ever need help, let me know. And if you definitely can't afford an agency or designer, call me! I'm not as expensive as the big agencies, and a lot easier than doing it yourself. Feel free to email me at sterling@sterlingfooshee.com.

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