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The Importance Of a Good Image

We've all seen a website that looks amazing. It's clean and simple, but still beautiful. "Wow," you think. "That website designer must be really good."

But take a second look. What was really amazing about that website? It probably wasn't the design itself, it was the image behind it. Let me show you what I mean.

This is Casper's website (casper.com). Casper is an online manufacturer and seller of comfy mattresses. But let's look at this website. What are your eyes drawn to? The image! It's obviously specific to this company, not a stock photo. The image also has enough room to accommodate the text. That text and the button is probably where your eyes go next. And that's the idea. Our eyes will always attract to an image. But the image needs to send a message.

Also, what is so great about the image? As Donald Miller and Storybrand say, this is a picture of "smiling, happy people using the product." That's so important! Your readers will assume the emotions of the people in the picture. That sounds crazy, but it's true. So if you have an image of a frustrated person, your customers will likely feel frustrated as they read your website. That's obviously not a good idea.

The next website is https://268generation.com/, or the Passion Conferences. This site looks amazing! Why is that? Because of that image in the background. Yes, that's an image. It's artsy and it is not obviously related to the conference, but it is beautiful and engaging. It also highlights the text. The website design is only some white text and a button. The only stunning element is the image, which makes the whole website.

If you have not invested in professional photography for your business, please do so now. You can pay a website designer thousands of dollars (but you don't have to), but the website will only be as good as your images. I personally recommend Mike Kaal, a local photographer who does incredible work. Contact him, and invest in great images for your business and your website.

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