• Sterling Fooshee

The Untapped Potential In the Immeasurable

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

The world of marketing is confusing. I hear this complaint a lot. Things are changing quickly, and they are becoming more complicated. It seems that the skills required to run a business are more technical and confusing than ever before.

But hidden in all of this marketing jargon is untapped potential, and you don't need an advanced degree to use it.

I'm here to help you make sense of marketing, and I know the headlines can be confusing. "Data Driven Marketing" seems to be everywhere, and everyone is stressing analytics, search engine optimization, and other technical terms.

All of these things have to do with data. Data is a big deal recently, because we have a lot of it. We can measure how many people view our website, or like our Facebook Page. This data is important, because it shows us what we are doing well, and what needs improvement.

But behind all of this data lies a dangerous assumption: everything that is important can be measured. And everything that can be measured is important.

This is simply not true. We deal with human beings, who are complex and in many ways, impossible to measure. For example, which marketing message are most people drawn to? There are ways to test this with data, but it's just an effort to measure something that is not naturally quantified.

So think about the subjective parts of your business. Think about the customer experience, the relationships, and the value you create that just can't be measured. Don't try to fit them into a box to measure their performance.

Those immeasurable factors will define your business. While everyone else is obsessing over their clickthrough rate on their emails, you will be focus on what counts-the immeasurable factors.

Think about the nicest hotel you have ever been to. Think about that hot towel they handed you at check-in, or the chocolates on your pillow in your room. Those are immeasurable factors. Those define the business. On paper, that hotel is no different than a Holiday Inn. It's the immeasurable factors that set it apart.

So track your email performance, and pay attention to the data. But don't sacrifice the true value of your business. Define what you do well, and do it in a way that can't be measured.

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