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The Untapped Potential of Neuromarketing

What is neuromarketing? Simply,neuromarketing is the process of marketing to the part of the person's brain that makes decisions. Businesses have the benefit of decades of research in the fields of neurobiology and behavioral psychology. We understand how your customer's brain reacts to different advertising messages, so why not craft a marketing message that appeals to the part of the brain that makes decisions?

Why Should I Care?

Your competition has been communicating the same way for decades. "With over twenty five years of experience in the industry, our dedicated team of professionals is poised to deliver effective solutions to our clients." This is one of the most typical business sentences, that we have all heard hundreds of times before. Does it still work? It does not. People have changed, but business are stuck communicating the same way.

Most studies estimate that the average American consumes about 5,000 advertisements per day. Americans are tired of advertisements, so your traditional marketing message isn't as effective as it once was.

This is a great way to immediately stand out from your competition. You can create a marketing message that jumps off the screen and captures your audience's attention.

How Can I Stand Out?

The exciting part is that this isn't psychology, it's biology. Neurobiologists often refer to two major parts of the brain- the limbic system, and the neocortex. The neocortex deals with language, rational thought, and logical decision making. Thelimbic system controls emotions, gut feelings, and most importantly, instinctive decision making. Most people naturally communicate with facts (neocortex). You don't have to do that.

The limbic brain is a gold mine. Ask anyone why they love their Apple product. They will likely tell you that it's just a feeling they have. They love it. This tells us that they didn't make the decision to buy that product based on facts and figures (neocortex), but because of their "gut feeling" (limbic system). Apple communicates in a way that appeals to the limbic portion of a person's brain. We buy Apple products because we believe in the company, and we trust their products.

So how can you communicate that well? It starts with a simple idea. Our brains are wired to appreciate simple, powerful statements. Use that to your advantage with a simple idea that your customers can believe in.

Communicate to the part of your customer's brain that makes the decisions. Stand out from the crowd,

What is your job? How can neuromarketing change the way you communicate?

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