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Hi, I'm Sterling.

Thanks for reading my résumé.

My career goal is to create a place where people wake up excited to go to work every day, supported when they get there, and fulfilled when they return home.

I am a graduate of East Tennessee State University, with a master's degree in Digital Marketing. I currently work full-time as a marketing consultant.

I live in Nashville, TN with my beautiful wife Hayley and my dog Scout.


Skills & Attributes

Hover over a skill to see my competence level.


Critical Thinking Skills

Creative Problem Solving

Adaptive Decision Making

Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence


Video Marketing

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Premier Pro, & more.

Email Marketing

Social media management

Trained coach and consultant


Podcast creating & editing


Mensa member, 2017-Present


Jung Typology

Type 3,

2 Wing

Enneagram Type

Gallup Strengths Finder

  1. Adaptability

  2. Belief

  3. Futuristic

  4. Relator

  5. Deliberative


  • Cedar Recovery

    Marketing Director


    Cedar Recovery is a high-growth healthcare company. My responsibilities include business development planning, data analysis, internal and external marketing, podcast production, and more. 

  • Sterling Fooshee Marketing

    Marketing Coach


    I created this company to help entrepreneurs communicate effectively. I consult clients on website content, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

  • East Tennessee State University

    Graduate Assistant


    I worked as a GA in the college of business, as an IT manager, before I went full-time in my own business. I study digital marketing, focusing on sources of intangible value.

  • People Launching

    Marketing Director


    People Launching is the family business, in a way. My father quit his lifelong job as a pastor to become a coach for business leaders. I designed the website, the marketing plan, and I still help with business development.

  • Mitch Cox Companies

    Marketing Coordinator


    I worked as a marketing coordinator for Mitch Cox Companies, designing email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and assisting a rebranding effort for 15 hotels managed by the company.

  • Carefree Boat Club

    Membership Director


    At the Carefree Boat Club, my role was a mixture of marketing and sales. I learned a lot about my limits and my strengths. I started an email campaign for the business, and I managed the transition to a new CRM system.



  • East Tennessee State University

    Masters of Science, Digital Marketing


    At ETSU, I studied digital marketing. This research-intensive graduate program focused on digital communication channels like email, social media, websites, and more. My thesis was on the relative effectiveness of email marketing based on message type. 

  • East Tennessee State University

    BBA, Integrated Marketing Communications


    At ETSU, I am thankful for receiving a great undergraduate education and a passion for business and leadership. I am lucky to be a graduate of ETSU. Go Bucs.



Feel free to email or call me, or just fill out the contact form below. I'll get in touch as soon as I can. Thank you.



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