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All of the hard work is already done. This is a quick, easy, and affordable alternative to a custom-built website.


This site is perfect for any service-industry business, I just chose landscaping for this template. Customers can log in to book and manage their appointments. As the business owner, you can use the Wix app, where you can chat with customers from your website, manage your schedule, and send invoices. It makes business easier.

Price: $400

  • $15 /month hosting fees

  • Includes a domain name

  • All features are included with the price

  • This price includes 4 hours of revision work

  • A website like this is typically $800-$1,000


Golf Club

I built this site with a golf club in mind, but feel free to browse with your business in mind. The design is simple but elegant. Anyone can book a tee time and pay online, making your scheduling process easier. We can also add a members-only area, where you can post news and special offers for members. This site is designed to grow your business.

Price: $600

  • + $100 for a member login feature

  • + $50 for illustrations of all 18 holes

  • $15 /month hosting fees

  • Includes a domain name

  • 5 hours of revision work included

  • A website like this is typically $1,000-$1,500

Do you want to talk about a template? Let's talk about what it would look like for your business. Just click the button below to send me an email.

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